December 10, 2018

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With over 85 years of fishing experience between the staff, we have seen just about everything. The staff here at Fishermans Resource have literally been around the globe fishing in all kinds of events with some of the worlds top leading fisherman.  From kayak tournaments, to the big boaters tournaments fishing for sharks, we have all the experience in just about any kind of fishing.  The staff consists of long time friends who first got together to go fishing about 25 years ago and have been doing it ever since!  We each took on different parts of the globe to learn as much as we can about all the different kinds of fishing styles and tactics. We are straight up fishing enthusiasts who love our jobs and the perks that go with it. We love teaching others what we have learned on our travels and that is why we have come together to build this website. That’s right, we are entirely here for you and to pass on our knowledge. Thank you for visiting our website and please leave any feedback on the Contact Us page!


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Great experience on the site! lots of good information for a beginner like myself. I plan on going to the store later today to get my gear!

Terri D. Citrus Heights October 14, 2018

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